You have found your soul-mate, that very special person that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with. You are planning that very special day and would like to share your blessed event with family and friends who cannot attend. NOW YOU CAN!!!

NetNuptials does not just offer wedding videography, and we are not your typical wedding streaming service. WE OFFER WEDDING PRODUCTIONS!!! Imagine having a broadcasting crew there to capture every relevant moment. Imaging having a host and hostess who will emcee your beautiful wedding. Imagine your wedding being broadcast worldwide!!!

Our Services

NetNuptials offers a broad range of broadcasting (Multi-camera Live Streaming), photography and videography services, our intention being to share and immortalize your memories as beautifully as they deserve to be remembered. Our services include:

Live Streaming

We specialize in live wedding streaming. Broadcasting your wedding online provides a way for family and friends who cannot attend your blessed event to still experience it in live in “real-time” as it happens!!
For couples who choose to elope or who would like a very small ceremony, live-streaming is a very popular way to include friends and family around the world on short notice. During the broadcast, everyone has the “best seat in the house.”

NetNuptials excellent production value rivals television broadcast quality.

Wedding Live Streaming by Net Nuptials
Engagement Films By Net Nuptials

Engagement Films

We can produce a beautiful and memorable cinematic film prior to your wedding. Let us shoot your love story and edit it documentary-style or in narrative fashion to serve as a great piece of entertainment for your reception guests, or, like a movie trailer, which would make for a great wedding web site video to announce your upcoming nuptials! These films all include beautiful underlying music and professional post-production. This film can be captured and edited in different styles to set the mood for your upcoming nuptials. Our creative team will work with you to storyboard and capture your story in the way that you’d like it presented. Lighting equipment, sliders, camera stabilizers and jib cranes as well as professional audio equipment can be used to provide superior production value
Wedding Films By Net Nuptials

Wedding Films

Our High Definition wedding films beautifully document the highlights of the wedding, and are professionally edited with superior cinematic video and audio quality.

We will custom edit your wedding and reception in a way that will be cherished for generations.

Wedding Photography By Net Nuptials

Wedding Photography

We also offer bridal photography and albums that will be cherished for generations.

(If you have your own wedding photographer, that is fine. We will coordinate with them).

Wedding Website By Net Nuptials

Wedding Web Site

We can (optional) build a wedding page for you, which can be customized with pictures, personal messages from the bride and groom and even links to your gift registry. Your site can be password protected or left open, letting you control who has access to view your wedding. We can embed the live broadcast of your wedding you your site or ours.