Net Nuptials - "Let Us Stream Your Dream"

Reasons to live stream your wedding.

The day is coming. That day of a lifetime. That very special day that you’ve been dreaming about since you were a child. The beauty. The music. The emotions. The LOVE! You wish you could share your beautiful wedding with the world. Now, you CAN!

Let Us Stream Your Dream - Net Nuptials

Wedding Productions

NetNuptuals not only offers wedding photography and videography, we offer WEDDING PRODUCTIONS!

Broadcasting your wedding online provides an alternative for family and friends who cannot attend to experience your blessed event in real-time.

We handle all aspects of the broadcast from start to finish.

We use only professional video, audio and broadcasting equipment. We can provide our own internet connection so there is no need to rely on the internet at your venue.

Invite as many online guests as you’d like without increasing cost.

Net Nuptials - Wedding Productions

Other Features

We can build a wedding page for every couple, which can be customized with pictures, personal messages from the bride and groom and even links to your gift registry. Your site can be password protected or left open, letting you control who has access to view your wedding.

During the broadcast, everyone has the “best seat in the house”.

For couples who choose to elope or who would like a very small ceremony, live-streaming is a very popular way to include friends and family around the world on short notice.

We offer the latest technology that allows full High Definition video.

Our streaming technology is portable and needs no Ethernet tethering.

Audio is pure and professional, crisp and clean.

An on-demand video of the wedding is available on your personal site upon completion of the “WedCast”. The files are also available for download and can be edited to produce a polished wedding DVD or Blu-Ray.

Net Nuptials - Other Features