Why would I want to stream my wedding?

There are many reasons to stream your wedding. You may have family and friends across the city, state, country or even the world who cannot attend that would love to share the experience of your wedding as it happens. You may have limited seating and cannot invite everyone that you’d like. Our services will allow all those who cannot attend to witness the love and festivities with you, as if they were there.

How can people see my wedding?

People can view your wedding on their internet enabled computers, tablets, cell phones and even on their TV’s (Smart TV’s with browser, Roku player or Chromecast device required).

Who can view my wedding?

Anyone you give the link to. Your wedding stream can be public or private (password protected).

Where can they view my wedding?

They can view it on your personal Bridal page, on our website, on YouTube or even on FaceBook.

What if my wedding is at the beach, in a park or vineyard? Can you stream location weddings?

Absolutely! We don’t need to be tethered with ethernet cables or limited to Wi-Fi (as long as there is good cellular reception).

Are there any limits as to how many people can view my wedding?

Absolutely not! You can have unlimited viewing guest at no additional charge.