NetNuptials offers not just wedding photography and videography, we also offer WEDDING PRODUCTIONS!
Do you wish you could share your beautiful wedding with the world, LIVE? Now, you CAN!

  • We provide a crew of camera operators, multiple cameras, a live editor, a production manager and an audio supervisor, to stream your wedding in high definition with professional video, audio and broadcasting equipment, utilizing camera stabilizers and jib cranes (depending on the venue).
  • We provide our own internet connection so there is no need to rely on the internet at your venue, and our streaming technology is portable, requiring no tethering.
  • You may invite as many online guests as you would like without increasing cost.
  • An on-demand video of the wedding will be available on your personal site upon completion of the “WedCast.” The files are also available for download and can be edited to produce a polished wedding DVD or Blu-Ray.

Reasons to live stream your wedding.

The day is coming. That day of a lifetime. That very special day that you’ve been dreaming about since you were a child. The beauty. The music. The emotions. The LOVE! You wish you could share your beautiful wedding with the world. Now, you CAN!

Wedding Live Streaming by Net Nuptials