Engagement Film

We offer beautiful “love story” videos to tell the story of your love and impending marriage. They are shot cinematically and can be documentary style, story themed, or movie trailer style.

All will include beautiful underlying music and professional post-production.

Net Nuptials Engagement Films
Wedding Streaming by Net Nuptials

Wedding Streaming

Multiple camera, high definition streaming of your wedding with professional audio that rivals television broadcast quality. We provide a crew of camera operators, live editor, production manager and audio supervisor. We utilize camera stabilizers and jib cranes (depending on venue) for excellent production value.

Wedding Film

Net Nuptials Wedding Films

We also offer HD wedding films that beautifully documents the highlights of the wedding, professionally edited with excellent audio and music.

Wedding photography

Net Nuptials Wedding Photography

We also offer bridal photography and albums that will be cherished for generations. (if you’d prefer your own wedding photographer, that is fine. We will coordinate with them).

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