We are not the typical streaming service that offers one camera on a tripod shooting down the center aisle.

We are not your typical wedding videographers, who video your wedding to give to you months later.

What we offer is unique. We offer “WEDDING PRODUCTIONS!!!” Our crews are staffed with industry professionals with years or decades of experience. Each crew consist of the follow:

  • Production Manager/Technical Director – (Oversees the crew, assures quality streaming and video capture, provides the live-editing).
  • Sound Engineer – (Mics the principles with Lavelier mics, supervises the field microphones to assure pristine audio quality).
  • Multiple Camera personnel – Captures all the important moments of your wedding.
  • Host and/or Hostess – (optional) Emcees the wedding and provides “color and commentary” for your viewing guest.
  • Production value – Our crew use only professional equipment and stabilizers for premium results. We even offer jib-cranes on location weddings to really give that television quality shots!
Why Choose Us